The wave of the future:

Have you ever thought to yourself, why do I needto run my whole house ac system, cooling thousands of square feet, when im spending hours in just one small area or one room of the house. Engineers at a company called Daikin Corporation in Japan thought the same thing almost 40 years ago. They are the originators of a system they called variable refrigerant volume or VRV for short. They are the creators of this type system and the other major brands to recently follow suit are Mitsubishi and LG. These sytems incorporate an outside unit like you probably already have at your house, the difference is instead of only one inside unit (air handler ) connected to one condensing unit, multiple air handlers with different configurations and individual thermostats can be connected to the one condensing unit cooing separate rooms or areas of your house based on your cooling needs. This is hoe it operates: based on how many thermostats are calling for cooling whether it be one or 6 the variable speed compressor will turn on and provide the precise amount of refrigerant to be pumped into only the inside unit requiring it. By the compressor running at potentially only at a fraction of full speed operation it only uses a small amount of electricity thereby saving you money.

Currently several of the large AC manufacturers your probably familiar with like Carrier Corporation and Trane are teaming up with Asian companies to bring this technology which has been used for many years to the United States. These system may or may not fit your need in your current house but we are seeing an increasing number of them specified on the high and ultra high end homes and its only a matter of time until they truckle down into your average 2 to 4 bedroom house.